We're Ecosolaroof

We are more than just a company. Ecosolaroof is a conglomerate of innovative experts, tirelessly committed to provide sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity to all homes and businesses across the world with cutting-edge photovoltaic tiles.

Our dedication to meet your power supply needs can only be matched by our unwavering commitment to preserve the environment for the future generation with clean and safe means of power supply. With over 6 years of experience providing top-line photovoltaic tiles installation, repair and maintenance for residential and commercial buildings, you can rely on our technical finesse to provide the affordable and sustainable power supply your homes and businesses needs to thrive.

Building trust and a good reputation in our line of business comes with years of delivering reliable service and commitment to quality. Let us show us how we earned ours.

Our Mission

With our head office in Brazil, holding company in London and major production plant in China, we look to keep expanding on our mission to redefine roofing with durable photovoltaic tiles and to transform every roof into a clean power generating plant.

To become the top provider

To become the top provider of renewable energy source that will rid the environment of toxic substances, harmful to the environment and the human populace.

To be a driving force

To be a driving force at the fore front of transformation, fully combating global warming through affordable, clean and sustainable means of energy supply.

To improve the condition

To improve the condition and standard of living of people across the world with affordable and sustainable energy supply.


When you install Ecosolaroof photovoltaic tiles on your property, you will drastically cut down on your monthly energy bills and save your finance from future energy bill rate surge.

Just like other renewable sources of energy, solar energy has tremendous benefits on the environment. Switching to solar would reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, reduce air pollutant and foster positive climate change.

Homes with installed solar panels have been proven to have higher value than homes without solar energy systems.

When we install photovoltaic tiles on your property, you will still be connected to the grid. This allows you to draw from the grid when your system is not producing all of the power that you need, and send power back to the grid when you produce more than you use.


The world is fast changing and so is the way we generate energy. Make the switch to green today and start generating energy the smart, clean and affordable way with our low profile, high performance photovoltaic tiles.It is worth giving a shot. Give us a call today!